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Aurora Della Croix

Aurora della Croix is a native son of New York, the 11th of 11 children; and for eight years, he called Orangeburg, South Carolina, the birthplace of his mother, his home. The name “Aurora della Croix” is a nom de plume, and has a spiritual significance to the author.
Aurora della Croix graduated from the City University of New York with undergraduate degrees in Political Science and English Literature; and a Certificate of Distinction in Writing. He has a PhD in Business Administration—Non-profit Management.
This slate-blue eyed African-American always has had a passion for writing, and in 1989, he wrote, directed and produced his first off-Broadway play, “The Thin Line”, at the Sanford Meisner Theatre in New York City, which documented an intense period in his life. The success of this play set him on the path to becoming one of the most entertaining authors and playwrights of the 21st Century.
Among his published and unpublished works there includes several novels of fiction and nonfiction, including Memoirs of A Princess, an autobiography detailing the first seven years of his life in “the life”; Precious Sumer, a trilogy about a dysfunctional boy, Sumer, whose suspect attachment to his biological widowed father leads him to destructive behavior, when this bond is threatened; A trilogy of bizarre, true short-stories: Voluume 1: A Penny for Your Thoughts…; Volume 2: A Nickel for A Kiss…; and Volume 3: A Dime if You Tell Me That You Love Me. Other works include The Corner Chair, a collection of erotic prose and poetry; and My Brother’s Lover, a epic novel set in the 1700s, which tells the story of a very unusual connection and bond between two southern families—a slave family, and the family of a tobacco and cotton plantation.
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A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny for Your Thoughts…is the first of the trilogy of erotic, salacious, shocking, diabolical true vignettes as told by Aurora della Croix.
In Volume 1, Aurora della Croix takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions through eight titillating stories that will have you begging for more!
  • The Lottery—a story of chance and luck; Itching to Scratch—a story of betrayal and revenge
  • The Thug—a story of discovery and denial
  • Oh, Michael!—a story of family dysfunction and debauchery
  • On Top of Watermelon—a story of child abuse and polyvictimization
  • Quench Your Thirst?—a story of rejection and retaliation
  • Ode to Molasses—a love story
  • Fire and Brimstone—a story of lies and decei

The Corner Chair

The Corner Chair is a collection of erotic prose and poetry by Aurora Della Croix. Erotic. Sensual. Forbiddingly hot!
Della Croix takes the reader back through history, using mythology to lay the foundation for his work.
Through erotic and non-erotic prose and poetry, The Corner Chair explores the many facets of Eros through the eyes of one, and how the power of his presence challenges each of us to explore different depths of ourselves…levels we otherwise wouldn’t know existed.
Della Croix invites you to secrets and fantasies, and challenges you to release your inhibitions…those ties that bind you from being your truth.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer says “fantasies are lovely…” So, open your mind…reach into the abyss of your soul…your sexuality; take a deep breath…exhale…and find yourself in The Corner Chair.

Secrets of the Down-low Brother!

Secrets of the Black Down-low Brother is Della Croix’s latest work. It’s a reference guide for women on how to detect a DLB (down-low brother.)
Raw…witty…sexy…erotic and brilliantly written, this reference guide and tool is informative, and an easy, must-read for women, especially women of color! Ladies, this book starts to answer the many questions you have, or may not have had about your man and his DLB status.
You owe yourself this read!