The Corner Chair

The Corner Chair is a collection of erotic prose and poetry by Aurora Della Croix. Erotic. Sensual. Forbiddingly hot!
Della Croix takes the reader back through history, using mythology to lay the foundation for his work.
Through erotic and non-erotic prose and poetry, The Corner Chair explores the many facets of Eros through the eyes of one, and how the power of his presence challenges each of us to explore different depths of ourselves…levels we otherwise wouldn’t know existed.
Della Croix invites you to secrets and fantasies, and challenges you to release your inhibitions…those ties that bind you from being your truth.
Dr. Ruth Westheimer says “fantasies are lovely…” So, open your mind…reach into the abyss of your soul…your sexuality; take a deep breath…exhale…and find yourself in The Corner Chair.