A Penny for Your Thoughts

A Penny for Your Thoughts…is the first of the trilogy of erotic, salacious, shocking, diabolical true vignettes as told by Aurora della Croix.
In Volume 1, Aurora della Croix takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions through eight titillating stories that will have you begging for more!
  • The Lottery—a story of chance and luck; Itching to Scratch—a story of betrayal and revenge
  • The Thug—a story of discovery and denial
  • Oh, Michael!—a story of family dysfunction and debauchery
  • On Top of Watermelon—a story of child abuse and polyvictimization
  • Quench Your Thirst?—a story of rejection and retaliation
  • Ode to Molasses—a love story
  • Fire and Brimstone—a story of lies and decei